Introductions from Spain!

Hello friends from Iceland and Poland!

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10 thoughts on “Introductions from Spain!

  1. annawah

    Það er grænt hjá ykkur en hjá okkur er dimmt. Það er hvítt að því það er snjór. Við teiknum myndir. Við erum í samverustund þar sem við syngjum saman jólalög. Við förum út að leika. Við förum í vettvangsferðir. Eruð þið í fimleika? Ég er í fimleika (Vilborg Ronja). Ég er í ballett (Regnheiður Inga).

    It is green where you are but it is dark over here (That is outside because the time is 9:30). It is white (outside) because there is snow. We draw pictures. We sing altogether chirstmassongs. We also play outside. We go for excursions. Are you practising gymnastics? I practise gymnastic (Vilborg Ronja). I am in ballet (Ragnheiður Inga).

    Bless (Bye),
    The children from Iceland

  2. For Arnedillo:
    “Macie basen w ogrodzie? My nie mamy basenu w przedszkolu.” – Is there a swimming pool in your garden? We do not have a swimming pool in our kindergarten.

  3. For Herce:
    “A my też mamy huśtawki i zjeżdżalnie!” – We also have swings and slide! (Iza)

    • juancarlosgh

      Yes, we play there every single day and we love it. Do you do it now as well even though is winter and very cold?

      • W zimie nie zjeżdżamy na zjeżdżalni. Biegamy sobie dookoła i ścigamy się. – “We dont use slides while winter. We just run around and chase each other” (Filip).

  4. For Prejano:
    “Co to za zwierzątko w ogródku? Świnka, pies, a może osioł?” – What is this animal in your playground? Is it a pig, dog or a donkey? (Maja)

  5. For Prejano: “Czy codziennie nosicie fartuszki? – Do you wear aprons everyday in kindergarten? (Kinga)

  6. “Ale w tej HIszpanii w zimie świeci słoneczko!” – Oh, how sunny it is in Spain while winter! (Madzia)

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