Friends from Poland!

Your friends from Poland say “Hello”!

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6 thoughts on “Friends from Poland!

  1. “´¡Sí!, seamos amigos. Nos ha encantado todo lo que hacéis en vuestro colegio, sois muy activos. ¿Hace mucho frío allí? Hemos visto que lleváis gorros de lana muy bonitos…”
    _Yes! Let´s become friends. We loved all the activities you do in your school, you are very active. Is it very cold there? We have seen you were wearing very beautiful woolly hats…

    • “Jest bardzo zimno. Teraz nosimy ciepłe ubrania, bo spadł śnieg!” – It is very cold here nowadays. We wear warm clothes as snow is falling these days”

  2. annawah


    Við leikum okkur líka í okkar leikskóla. En núna er dimmt úti þá svo það sé kominn dagur. Við höfum líka rennibraut á útisvæðinu og rólur.

    We also play in our pre-school. But now it is dark outside though the day has arrived (9:14).We also have a slide in our outdoor area just like you do. We also have swings.

    Bless (Bye)
    The children from Iceland

  3. “Tu jest ciemno jak wracamy z przedszkola po południu” – It is dark when we go back home after kindergarten (at afternoon – 4.30 pm)

  4. Miguel

    ¡Hola! Nos ha encantado vuestro video, vuestro cole y vuestros juguetes y nos han sorprendido mucho vuestro idioma y vuestros nombres que son muy diferentes a los nuestros.

    ¿Os ha gustado nuestra clase de Enciso?


    Hello! We liked your video, your school and your toys and we were very surprised about your language and your names which are very different from ours.

    Did you like our class from Enciso?


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