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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!


Wesołych Świąt!

Feliz Navidad!

Gleðileg jól!

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A Christmas song from the children in Holt!

This is an old folksong and the written version of the text first appeared in 1850 in a Danish paper, sligthly different from the version we are singing today:

Jólasveinar ganga um gólf með gildan (gylltan) staf í hendi.
Móðir þeirra sópar gólf og flengir þá með vendi.
Uppá stól stendur mín kanna, níu nóttum fyrir jól þá kem ég til manna.

It is not easy to translate the text but it would be something like this:
Yule lads walking the floors with a broad (or golden) walking stick in their hands. Their mother is sweeping the floor and spanking them with a wand. Upon the chair is my cup, nine night before Christmas I come to the village.

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Icelandic guessing results

Yes! Somebody (or more than one) came up with the right answer which is dried fish or Harðfiskur as it is called in Iceland.


Harðfiskur has been an imported source of food in the past and is still enjoyed today where as 200-250 tons of it is produced every year.

The fish is bathed in brine (??? a salty liquid).
Then it is either dried outside for 4-6 weeks or first frozen to be dried inside with warm dry air or salted and dried with cold air.
Enjoy and do not forget the butter!

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Merry Christmas from Spain!

With this traditional Spanish Carol we want to wish you a Merry Christmas! Have a joyful season!

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Pure Spanish!

…And here are your answers for the typical Spanish food for Christmas!


As you can see, the right answer is ´Jijona Nougat´, so congratulations!!

The ingredients we use are sugar, a bit of honey, egg white, grounded almonds, and a little cinnamon.
This is mixed and melted together and then we give it its typical rectangular shape.
This is very typical at Christmas in Spain. This recipe is for soft turrón but you can also have hard turrón, (the two most typical ones) chocolate, and of many different flavours.almendra

This nut is very typical in La Rioja. It´s the almond.


Another typical product we prepare with almonds is ´garrapiñadas´: We use peeled almonds, coated with caramel sugar and then put into the oven to bake.

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Taste of Poland

Dear friends!
You had a chance to guess some traditional elements which appear on Christmas tables in Poland.
That is how you answered to our guessing task:


Your ideas were really close, but there was no “bang on” answer.
The closest were: biscuit / sugar cakes (for guessing 1) and bread / host (for guessing 2).

It`s hight time to give away our secret about traditional food for Christmas.

There are many dishes we prepare for Christmas Eve (we eat ceremonial family dinner then and receive presents!) and for next two Christmas Days. Some of the dishes are prepaired from cabbage, peas or mushrooms. We eat fish soup or mushroom soup or even borsh with dumplings – depending on family traditions. In Poland we have also many sweets which are typical for Christmas. There are sweets with poppy seeds, almonds, walnuts and many others.


We have sent you one of them – GINGERBREAD BISCUITS, covered with icing. Children in Poland prefer to have them handmade – they usually prepare gingerbread biscuits at home and ornament them with sugar sweets.


There is also a special kind of bread, simmilar to host, which is called “CHRISTMAS WAFER“. While Christmas Eve dinner all family members share this piece of Christmas wafer as a sign of forgiveness and love. We also wish to each other while holding this wafer in hands.
It is not the Christian Host which we receive during Holy Communion as the blessed Christ Body, so you can freely taste it.

We share this piece of white bread with you and wish you all the best for Christmas and whole year 2013!

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What could this be?


This is not typical for Christmas but an important source of food in the history of Iceland. It is still eaten today preferably with some butter. What is it?

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What is it? Christmas is coming…

Here in Spain we´ve already sent something very special for you
and traditional food as well in our parcels.

Try to guess what this food is!



If you have any idea of what it can be, try to answer in our “Answer Garden”:


Here´s a good clue for you: our typical food is made with this…


Give it a try!

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Guess our Christmas!

As Christmas is coming soon, we are all prepairing special parcels to mail to each other.

Here in Poland we put into these parcels some gifts and traditional food.

Try to guess what is hidden in the picture!


This sweet tastes great with warm tea:  

guessing 1 PL


That is not typical food, but we share it with others while sharing wishes on Christmas Eve…


If you have any idea of what it can be, try to answer in our “Answer Garden”:

AnswerGarden: What is that traditional food for Christmas (PL) ?.

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