House Detectives from Zabrze, Poland

That was so great to play “house detectives”.
We went outside to take pictures of our houses.

In our settlement we rarely live in a family house.
If so, they are made of bricks or concrete.

family house PL

We usually live in block of flats.
They are very different, with different amount of floors and apartments.
The most common is four floors block of flats for 10 families in each entrance.
They are built with armored concrete.

block of flats 1

Some of buildings are huge. In these blocks of flats there are apartments for 120 families!
They are also built from armored concrete and have a lift inside.

huge block of flats 1huge block of flats 2

Some of buildings are made of breezeblocks.
Twenty families live there.

breezeblocks house

Typical Silesian houses (Silesia is a region of Poland we live in) were made of red bricks.
It`s windows frames are paint in red or green colour.
This house was built around 100 years ago.

traditional house in silesia region

We hope you find our houses surprising!

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