Houses in Innri Njarðvík

Dear friends in Poland and Spain!

It‘s possible to find different kind of houses in Innri Njarðvík, Iceland.
We wanted to show you houses made of turf, wood, metal, bricks and concrete.

This is Stekkjarkot made of wood and gras on the roof. No one lives there today.
But this is what houses looked like a long time ago.
14_januar_2013 (3)

These houses are made of wood and metal. The first one is older and painted and the second one is new.
14_januar_2013 (8)

14_januar_2013 (23)

This is a wooden house.
14_januar_2013 (11)

A house made of bricks.
14_januar_2013 (18)

This is a house made of concrete and a garage.
14_januar_2013 (22)

In some houses there only lives one family. In other houses there live two families.

In some houses there are four families.
14_januar_2013 (4)

In some houses there might be 10 or 16 apartments.

iceland apartments

So now you know what some of our houses look like in Iceland. We are looking forward to see your houses!

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