Right answers from Iceland

Here are the right answers from Iceland!

1. building

Many of you guessed that this building had something to do with boats or ships which is true. Wiktor from Poland said the building to be a “repair shop for ships” and that is the correct answer.


2. building

There were a lot of good and imaginative suggestions such as that these are the houses for Yule lads, dwarfs or the houses of the three little pigs. It is true that these are houses for animals and one of them are for bunnies like Kinga from Poland suggested. Raquel, Paul and Noha from Spain were close as well meaning these houses to be animal farms. But the animal only stay there during the summer where people can visit them.


3. building

This was a difficult picture and no one had the right answer but there were many good guesses like a swimming pool or a hospital. But this is Víkingaheimar, a museum about Vikings (of course Rakel Viktoría from Iceland knew the building had something to do with vikings since she has been there)!


4. building

This is our church in Innri Njarðvík just as Unax, Raquel and Elba from Spain suggested as well as Maja from Poland. But it is also a cemetery as Kinga from Poland and David, Clara, Izan and Lucas guessed.


5. building

Our fifth building is the school in Innri Njarðvík where the children go to from the age of 6 till 16 years. Daniel, Paul and Noha from Spain were right this time. But you can also play soccer there outside the school as Izan and Lucas from Spain suggested.

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