Puzzle Results from Spain

4 buildings with different answers. We all hope you had a great time doing puzzles!!

Building 1: SPA in Arnedillo.
The closest was Vilborg from Island and Kinga from Poland.
It is a Hotel and there are 3 swimming-pools with hot water from Springs!
People come here to relax and get rid of stress.
A beautiful 4 star hotel under the mountain.

Building 2: ‘El Barranco Perdido’ Enciso– Dinosaurs Adventure Theme Park. NO right answers here. ‘The Barranco Perdido’ (Lost Ravine) is the paleontological and adventure Theme Park of La Rioja.
It is located in Enciso, the place where most of the paleontological remains are, cause dinosaurs lived in this place million of years ago.

Building 3: San Esteban Church in Herce.
Most of you gave the right answer,
so congratulations to you all.
This is a beautiful church in the centre of the village.
It is from the XV century!

Building 4: Castle from Préjano.
Most of you gave the right answer so congratulations to you all again. This tower is part of a castle which was built in the 15th century. It´s 15 metres tall and nowadays we use it as a museum. It is divided into 4 floors which can be visited by everybody.
In the past it was used as a place to watch for enemies who wanted to conquer us. From the top floor, they could comunicate with people from the close villages as Herce.

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