Spanish versions of Polish and Icelandics signs!

Here are the signs we found in Spain for the signs you proposed to us, each village in the Cidacos Valley searched for one of those:

A few days ago the pupils from Enciso went out to find one of the signals proposed:

No, no… these are not the signals we are looking for…


As we couldn’t find the singal we changed our strategy and we started to look for the bins!


And finally we found a bin, but… what’s that!? The coat of arms of the village is in the bin!

As we can see this is not the best way to indicate a place to put the rubbish, but the sentence we read there could be as good as the signal:

“A clean village and environment brings life quality”

What is your opinion?

In Arnedillo we also went looking for our sign…. we walked and walked and walked and finally found it in a bar!! yes! Hurrey for us!!


In Préjano the sign we were looking for was really very close to our school, so we didn´t have to walk for a long time, but we were very quick in seeing it…


In Herce just happened the same, we didn´t have to walk that much and then we found our objective really very soon, just outside the school, and so we were awsome detectives as well!!

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