How the story ends…

That is the way your Polish colleagues find the end of our common story. Enjoy!

Then, the boy felt very strong and he asked  his  no_people_crossingto fly to the  img_1088 together by  img_1094 . road_for_pedestrianswent to the airport by car and left their car in the  img_1082, and the rest of the way they went on  img_1083. img_1094 got off the ground. In the  img_1094 no_people_crossingfelt hungry, so he asked a stewardess to bring him  imgp6575. When  road_for_pedestriansate their food, the outage of  img_1099 came up in  img_1094 , because they bumped into the snow_slippy_road-storm. The boy was afraid so much, but no_people_crossinggave him a hug. There was a dreadful wind, which caused  img_1092. img_1094 turned upside down and almost crushed into the img_1088. To be saved from  img_1094 crash, all passengers jumped out on parachutes. They landed on the grazing which was full of cowscowscows! Among them there was a huge  vacas, the stock leader, which wanted to protect his cowscows. vacas started to chase passengers, so they broke out very fast and they nestled in img_1085. It turned out that under the  img_1085 there was an underground labyrinth, which lead them up to the treasure! Underground chamber was chock full gold coins, and in the centre of it there was a golden statue of dinosauriowith diamond eyes. Suddenly, when  road_for_pedestrianswanted to take the statue of dinosaurio a terrible earthquake  started, so they escaped only with gold coins.
They all went back homes on  img_1083 and everyone bought a set of vehicles:  img_1094, train and  road_for_bikes, for that to travel a world safely.


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