Coal – the black stone

The most important treasure in Zabrze (and Silesia region we live in) was coal stone.

Coal is a kind of rock people (miners) extract from under the ground in a place called coal mine.

Coal is burned in special stove to warm up houses and in industry to get an energy and electricity.

Coal stone is black and sparkling with silver marks.
Sometimes you can find the prints of plants or wood on the coal stone.
It shows the natural material coal stone was created from around 300 million years ago!

There were many ways used to extract coal from coal mines in the past. There was a time people were caryying coal stones on their back or pushing wagons of coal on rails. In another times people used horses to carry wagons. Nowadays a special equipment does this extremely hard work.



Here we drew wagons of coal stones with a charcoal. That was a great fun. We could make ourselves dirty as much as we wanted to!

Look how nice work of art we gained:

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You are also asked to fill your own wagon with coal stones.
To do that you need a charcoal and a drawing of wagon.  Try to draw coal stones on the top of wagon.
After your wagons are ready, you can join them all and draw a wildcat
for that to get a coal mine train!

Above, there is a picture of the wagon you can use for the task.  The Word file for printing is available here: “wagon for printing

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