The legend of Skarbnik (The Treasurer)

There is a legend about Skarbnik – the good ghost living in coal mines.
It is said that Skarbnik protects miners from danger and lead them back when they are lost.
He is also the guardian of coal which is the black tresure of Silesia (the region we live in).
The most frequent he appears in a form of old miner with a lamp in his hand,
but sometimes also as a horse, mouse or even a fly!

Skarbnik doesn`t like lazy people or those who say bad words to others.
For such people he is bitter and creates bad situations.


For that to remember the figure of Skarbnik – you can play the puzzle game.
Be careful! It is going to be a bit hard game, at least the work in coal mine is not as easy as pie!

preview20 piece

Wanna know more about ghost in Silesia?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Are you scared?

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