Vikings – Iceland 3 – Hrafna-Flóki

This statue show us a viking holding a raven. We would like to share with you the legend of Hrafna-Flóki.

Hrafna-Flóki was a viking from Norway who decided to look for new land that he had heard of. He brought with him three ravens to show him the way to this new land. On his journey accross the sea he stopped by the Faroe Islands. Continuing his journey crossing the open sea he let the first raven fly but it headed back to the Faroe Islands. The second raven, on the other hand, flew straight up in the air and came back. But the third one flew in front of the ship and than Hrafna–Flóki knew that the land he was looking for lied ahead.

While staying there Hrafna-Flóki climbed a mountain. Looking over a bay in early spring he saw only ice and since then the land has been called Iceland.

IMG_1336 - Copy

This is Hrafna-Flóki in his boat on the sea with three ravens flying above him under the sky and the sun made by Hulda María


This is Hrafna-Flóki lying in his hot tub made by Thelma Lind


Maybe his hot tub looked something like this in reality. This is the hot tub of Snorri Sturluson who was living in Iceland 800 years ago writing some famous sagas.

Now the settlers of Iceland brought along with them other animals as well. What animals do think they brought along with them? You should be able to find some clues somewhere on our homepage OURTALKINGPICTURES!

Share your ideas with us.

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