Vikings- Iceland 4 – The dragon

In Innri Njarðvík there is a museum about the vikings. We went to the museum wondering if the vikings had dragons. We found many dragons as you can see.


In the museum there is a ship looking like the ships the vikings used to sail the sea.

In front of the ship we found this head of a dragon or some kind of serpentine and we were wondering why the vikings decorated their ship with a dragon‘s head.  We decided to ask Sveinn (the „viking“ who works in the museum) and he told us that it was to make the people on shore afraid.



Now we have been thinking about what might be frightening about dragons. Maybe because they can breath fire or eat you (or can they)? Maybe they look fierce with yellow eyes and big teeth? We drew pictures and experimented with clay trying to make some sculptures of our own to better understand what make dragons so fierce.


Þórunn Elfa made this sculpture:

Did the vikings ever come to your country? Would you like to share with us your ideas about what you might think is scary in words, drawing pictures or making sculptures?

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