Our heritage.- Animals in Préjano: fossils

feb-MARZO 288In Préjano we are very lucky.

This  is a place where you can learn lots of things that happened many, many years ago.

Do you know why?

Because we have found here a lot of fossils.


Let us explain what  fossils are. They are the preserved remains or traces of animals, plants and other organisms from the past. Sometimes they are easy to find, others you have to look for them, usually by digging the ground.

In our village there is even a museum where lots of different fossils are kept. As we wanted to show them to you, we took our cameras and went there.

We saw lots of  fossils, but the nicest ones are the ones that were found not far from our school. The one we liked the most is this one we took pictures of. It is a conch. Although now, we are not by the sea, millions of years ago, this area was all covered by it. Can you imagine? That is why this conch, and many others, were found in our mountain.

feb-MARZO 290

Have a proper look, it is real!!!!!!!!!

And now it is time to play.- Here is a task for you:

Animal Tracks Match[1]

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