Our heritage.- Sculptures in Enciso: Dinosaurs


Click on the picture, download the panoramic view and enjoy it! 

Hi dear friends! Here in the village of Enciso we were working on dinosaurs!

The main reason is that dinosaurs are very close to us, we can see lots of footprints, so we wanted to know more about them.

What we mainly wanted to know is the difference between the carnivores and the herbivores so we started looking on the internet for the differences:


Once we discovered the differences through very funny games, we tried to discover what the dinosaurs which lived in and around Enciso ate.

Dinosaurio dinosaurios_2

Leaves!                                                 Look a carnivore is trying to hunt a herbivore!

And we could see that we had both! Carnivores and Herbivores!

Another activity that we did was the dinosaur identification which consists on building the skeleton of a dinosaur and decided if it was a carnivore or herbivore. Connected with this activity the youngest pupils were digging out bones with Caillou!

Finally we decided to send you an activity to help you discover the different types of dinosaurs and their diet. So enjoy it.

Links: Jclic Activity




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