Our heritage.- Stones in Herce: caves

In Herce we have characteristic red clay walls where we can find artificial caves of great historical and ethnographic value which are a part of our peculiar scenery.


These caves are still being investigated and we have 3 main types: religious (i.e. monasteries), domestic (the ones to live in) and economical (where they had different animals like rabbits, hens, donkeys…)

Why are there caves in Herce?

In the Roman Era with roman settlements,  Herce was a crossing point in the Roman Way, the most important means of communication at that time.

In the Medieval Times, the first Christians appeared and they used the caves to meet and pray!

And how do we know all this information? We had an expert talk to us, a mother from our school in Arnedillo, Puy Hernáez, came to the school in Herce and gave us an awsome conference about it. Thank you so much!!

Task to develop your imagination!

Watching the following pictures, we want you to create your own cave, drawing it with the shape you want or even create a thrilling story where you are the main character… maybe from the Roman Era??

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One thought on “Our heritage.- Stones in Herce: caves

  1. annawah

    We think the caves are great. We would like to come and see them.

    Thelma Lind, Sandra Sól, Rakel Viktoría and Katrín Alda

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