Iceland-learning more about dinosaurs

Now we have learned more about dinosaurs from our friends in Spain!

So we started out having a lot of different animals deciding which ones are dinosaurs.

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Then we tried the other games as well,  finding bones in the sand and trying to fit them together.


We think there might be dinosaurs living in Poland or Spain. Can you help us out? Are there any living dinosaurs in your countries?

We know there are no now living dinosaurs in Iceland but maybe we can find bones from dead dinosaurs?

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Back in school again we decided making our own dinosaurs by putting the pieces togehter.

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Haukur Freyr also made this dinosaur made of clay.

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2 thoughts on “Iceland-learning more about dinosaurs

  1. ” Świetne są wasze dinozaury z patyków”. Your dinosaurs made of sticks are awesome!

  2. “Też bym się pobawiła w takim błocie!” I would like to play in such a mud!

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