Spain is full of colours!

… and we want to share our spring happiness with you all, Poland and Iceland! Here are the four colours we chose (one from each village in our Valley) for you to complete a detective task searching for colours in your place. We decided to take pictures of a river for blue,  olive trees for green, honey for golden brown and cherries for purple.



The Cidacos is a our river.  It flows for 77 km (48 miles) until its reaches the Ebro river at Calahorra, in La Rioja, one of the biggest rivers in Spain.

The river is used for irrigation purposes and is often dried up near Calahorra.



If you ever visit Préjano, you will see that our landscape here is mainly green. That is due to the fact that we are surrounded by olive trees. It is a peculiar un unique green. Have a look. We took some pictures for you.

These are the fruits, the olives.


Honey and wax produced by bees

In Enciso, we were looking for a yellow natural element and we discover that honey, which is a typical product of Enciso and which is produced by bees, is yellow. As we couldn’t find any pot of honey around our school, we ask to our friend Ricardo, who is a famous beekeeper here, to to help us with this task and this is what he brought us.

Ricardo was telling us a lot of information about the bees, their hives, the way they produce the honey… it was a really interesting speech.

Can you find any yellow element in your countries?


Purple is in all the Valley in our cherry trees. We love cherries, they are so tasty and nice. Sometimes we put them on our ears pretending they are earings… that´s so funny!!

We coloured some pictures and of course, we ate them!

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