Colour findings in the Cidacos Valley!

Hello folks again! We loved how you played detectives and your pictures are so amazing, thank you so much one more time… And, of course, we also did some research on the colours you proposed us. So we went out and looked for many interesting things. We have enjoyed a lot, specially now in the Spring season!

As for Poland, we had YELLOW, BROWN and RED.

In Herce we found yellow in dandelion, roses, abrotano (a medicinal plant) and naturally, the sun:


In Préjano we found brown inb these little leaves of a bush planted in the garden we have in our school,  the branch of this tree, the soil, in these dried  rose hips and the dried flowers of the mayblosoom.

and look what we did in Arnedillo for you!


As forIceland, we had GREY, CLAY/ORANGE and WHITE.

This is what we found in Enciso when looking for grey – rocks and clouds:

And in Herce we also looked for clay/brown and we found all these things: marigold, clay, a lake full of clay and some caves

And in Arnedillo we also prepared a nice presentation for you!

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