Looking for colours in Innri Njarðvík!


We have been looking for colours in nature now for some time and see what we found…these look somewhat similiar. But wait…do both these items belong under the category nature? We are not sure, what do you think?


We are having the same problem with the colour red. This is what we found but….


Looking for yellow was fun. We were so pleased to find the exact same flower as you have in Poland! We encountered some issues here as well but perhaps you could advise us on the matter. For example we are wondering wether the flowers on the same picture are both dandelions at different stages? We also advise you to take a close look at the worm to see the yellow spot!




Now to the colours of Spain. Starting out with blue as the sea, ponds, the sky and some flowers as well.


We have not found much yet in this category. Is this flower purple?



Golden brown

We could not resist learning some more about bees and tasting some honey…it was sweet!


At last green as the gras and some “hundasúrur” that you can eat. They are sour.


You saw the egg of the seagull that Hulda Maria brought us. As you can see it is a little bigger than an egg of a hen. We were curious to see what would be inside but it did not look much different from the egg of a hen except for the eggyolk being more orange. The other day Ólöf Eva brought us egg  of patridges to taste. They were so tiny and somehow soft. But they were good! Exploring all these different egg made us curious to see an egg hatch. We found some trails on youtube and look at that….

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