Welcome to Brussels!

eTwinning can be really surprising.

It`s like the secret suitcase. If only you are curious enough to open it and discover – you can find lots of amazing adventures inside!

We opened “eTwinning suitcase” some time ago for Talking pictures. Sitting by the table for first project discussion (while Contact seminar in Wroclaw, Poland) we couldn`t imagine so many suprises it will bring – enjoyable both for students and teachers!

On the top of it there was a European eTwinning Prize 2014 and its ceremony in Brussels…

For most of us that was the first eTwinning project ever. Indeed, we worked hard for this project – teachers, students and parents. Later on felt extremely happy to get first Quality Labels and National Awards. But receiving a European Prize made us all delighted! Even that it was upsetting that we couldn`t meet all members of the team, we hope that everyone treat this common success personally!

This is the moment we take the Prize for “Talking pictures” as runner up project in 4-11 age category!
We dedicate this award to all our colleagues and students of the project.

Jury panel voiced an opinion that our project was perfectly planned and carried for kindergarten age both in topics and ICT use. So nice to hear that! And thank you so much for these words.

 Here you can see an official video from the ceremony, prepared by European Schoolnet:

More information about the event and meeting of teachers and parents are available on: www.prizes2014.etwinning.net.

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