A bee pays the Pink Panther a visit!

A summersurprise for all of you before our summervacation starts.

Since we really enjoyed the mosquito paying the Pink Panther a visit we deciced to do a movie of our own!


Have a nice holidays with not too many bees interupting you!

See you again next fall!

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Map of the ZOO

Welcome to our international ZOO
where we present the most precious animals in Spain, Poland and Iceland!

(click the picture to enter)


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Some animals to be found in Iceland

Here are six animals which can be found in Iceland.

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Animal representatives from Poland

Here we want to present you first four animals we chose for our national representatives: grey seal, squirrel, lynx and beaver.

Soon we will share with other four species we found exceptional in here.

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A zoo in the Cidacos Valley!

Do you love going to the zoo and enjoy animals like we do here?
In the Cidacos Valley we´ve got lots of different species of animals
and among them we chose 8 for you to discover and learn!

So now let´s have a look at our animals we chose for zoo. Enjoy it!

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ZOO dictionary – ready for recording!

Here  is a Voicethread ready for our recordings.

Click the image and comment all animals we selected together!


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Some strange birds were discovered in Iceland!

This is how we created the new species of birds to be found in Iceland. Maybe they look somewhat similiar to the birds that was suddenly to be found in Spain and Poland?

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Bugüetrero… a bit of everything!

In Spain we have the Bugüetrero, a new especies of animal we created using the Oystercatcher´s head, the White Stork´s body, tail and legs and the vulture´s wings!
All made with plasticine!

We wrote the names of the three animals on the blackboard and we coloured the letters we wanted to.

After that we have joined them and then the Bugüetrero was born…

And now we are so happy!!

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Sępocianojad – our international species

Sensation! New discovery!

Here in Poland we discovered new species of a bird, which has common features of vulture, white stork and oystercatcher! “SĘPOCIANOJAD” is a name of this bird in Polish, as it has a part of each birds above (sęp, bocian, ostrygojad) . To make a profile of this exceptional bird we cut pictures, spliced them in various options and coloured!

Here you can see four profiles of “sępocianojad”:




We hope you like them as much as we do!

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What kind of animal is this?

We made this animal and want to know if you can guess what kind of animal it is?

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