Poland in Iceland? Everything is possible with Erasmus +…

Believe it or not. We can not believe it either, even that we were really THERE…

A group of teachers from 48th kindergarten in Zabrze, Poland has visited Leikskólinn Holt in Reykjanesbaer, Iceland. That exceptional meeting was organised within KA1 Erasmus + project for Polish team of teachers, who were attending “Intercultural and Outdoor Education” course in Iceland!

That was a great opportunity to visit our friends from eTwinning – look how teachers work and students play during a day in kindergarten, to see its facilities both indoor and outdoor, and of course share with some gifts;)

Going to outdoor area with Anna Sofia and Ingibjörg for Maths, Art and perceptive activities was a creative way of experience how outdoor education can look like for that to cover curriculum goals.

Whenever you are in Iceland don`t miss a chance to admire its beautiful landscapes and some “must be” places!

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