Soooo happy!

We invite you to watch our Happy videos.
They were prepared with collaboration with local authorities and institutions for eTwinning Awards Ceremony in Brussels.
Enjoy! Have fun! And be happy!




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The answer about the statue and the animals that the vikings brought to Iceland.

We enjoyed reading your ideas about the statue and also about what animals you thought the vikings brought to Iceland. You had some varied ideas about the statue like us, though most of you thought it to be a sword. You thought that the vikings brought  ducks, sheeps, goats, hens, cows, dogs and ravens with them.

We were not sure about the right answers so we decided to visit our museum of the vikings once more and ask for the right answers. Firstly we learned that the statue is a replica of a tenth century viking sword that was found in Iceland. Here we are reading about it in the museum were they have smaller replica of the sword.


Now these two pictures gave you a hint of what animals the vikings brought with them.

We also found this picture in the museum.

To be sure we also asked and you were right about all the animals but the ducks. They did not brin duck with them. But the vikings also brought cats, horses and pigs.

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Rosemary day

Hello, Arnedillo! That was great to see your presentation about smoke procession.
Some of us thought there is a fire across your village on one of pictures you presented!
Soon we got to know it was a rosemary smoke and why it is a tradition in your village.

We didn`t try to put a fire and burn a rosemary sprig, but we smelled it, tasted, guessed the difference between rosemary and basil…
Imagine, that we even found Spanish rosemary honey in a shop nearby! Yummy in a tummy!

We hope our activity will protect us from small pox epidemic here!

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Iceland – wondering about caves

Reading about the caves in Herce we remembered that we also have a cave here in Reykjanesbæ. A giantess live in this cave. We decided to visit her.

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Now let us see what happened in the caves in Spain:

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Spain-learning about Vikings

We have enjoyed a lot learning about the Icelandic culture and heritage. It was amazing for us to discover the relationship between the Vikings and the Dragons. As you can see we have drawn these scary dragons and we have tried to discover why they are so terrible…

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Maybe the fire and the teeth are the problem…

We also discovered that the Vikings came to Spain…and they were in Pamplona which is a city very close to us!


We were also reading the legend about Hrafna-Flóki and it was wonderful to discover how Iceland was discovered by this brave and adventurous Viking. After that and following your suggestions, we were investigating in the website about the other animals brought to Iceland by the Vikings so you can read our answers in the answer garden.

The next step was the working with Runes.It was very cool to translate the hidden message: Rawen Wiking…which means Viking Raven isn’ it?


And as you can see we have prepared our own message for you:


To finish this wonderful journey through the Icelandic culture we were trying to decide what the “Toe” sculpture was so you can see our answers in the answer garden, please tell us if our answers are correct!



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Iceland-learning more about coal!

After learning about the coal mine in Zabrze we decided to learn more about coal and it’s role in Iceland.

Coal can be found under the earth in the mines but we are sure that there were no coalmines in Iceland. But still coal was needed here in Iceland to be able to make tools of iron in the old days. We know that coal can be used to colour but also to light a fire and keeping it burning, in a hole or by our summercottages to cook for example. So where did we get our coal? Did we import it from Brittain? Actually coal was made!!! But how? We googled to get some answere an decided to try if we can make som coal as well. Gathering information of how make coal we noticed that wood is needed. We also decided to call the firebrigade letting them know and getting permission. Working this project we also collaborated with the children on Lundur in our pre-school.

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After finnishing all preparation finally the time had come to make the coal.

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The book about the horse Rauður (Red),

The book about the horse Rauður (Red),

We were also thinking about the horses working in the mine. We use horses on Iceland to go riding. We did not think Icelandic horses worked in coal mines since mines are not to be found here in Iceland. But than we read a book about a horse “Rauður” and he was captured and sold to the coalmines in Brittain, since it was so difficult to manage him there, his eyes were burnt so he couldn’t see anymore. A lot of the horses died in the mines.

We enjoyed using coal colouring wagons!

but would also like to ask you some questions?

Can you push the wagons?

How do you use coal?

Is the coal transported by ships?

Here are some pictures that we made of the coal in the wagons:

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Iceland – working with the smoke procession

After making coal the group headed back to Holt and learned more about the smoke procession in Spain. We now had some experience and felt confident to try the task.

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Iceland – making horseshoes

We were reading about the children from Spain making horseshoes and than we wondered how horseshoes are actually made. We found information on Youtube were iron was heated in a fire and than transformed into horseshoes.

Now since we had some coal which was once used to make the fire hot enough we decided to look at the coal we made. We did not enjoy the smell but nevertheless we wanted to see wether we could draw using this coal. It worked out fine!

Back to making horseshoes. All we needed now was some iron. We went to see what we could find in our ReMida but all we could find were some nails. Trying to bent them we understood why the fire was needed and the coal. But what could we use instead? Some of our homemade play-dough. Yes that worked out fine and we  used the nails to make the holes in the shoes!

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Iceland – looking for animal tracks

We decided to use the animal tracks we received from our friends in Spain to go out looking for those tracks! These are the tracks we discovered.

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Fossils and animals` tracks

Hello, Prejano!
You showed great treasures of fossils! We would like to visit your museum of fossils one day!
Happy to say, that we have two fossils on nature display in our classroom. There is a little impression of a shell on one stone and the real fossil of a shell on the other! Look!

Your task gave us an idea to go for “Animals` tracks expedition”! We went outside with cameras to find what animals appear close to our houses. Firstly we though tthat only cars, bicycles and people walk here, but… Look what we found!

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Suprisingly, we found not only tracks, but also real animals!

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