Looking for more colours in Innri Njarðvík

Dear friends in Poland and Spain!

We went looking for colours again! Now the pond being so blue the other day was grey? Why is that? Is it because it was windy or are there maybe big fishes in the pond making it all grey?


We also found some more of our “rustred colour” and some green. Look at the colours of the worm this time!


We also found this artwork made by the children in the elementary school in Innri Njarðvík, Akurskóli. A lot of colours and many different kind of animals!

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Some red and yellow again

Hi, Spain and Iceland!

So great to hear you found dandelions and papavers in your area!
For dandelions it is surely because their seeds can fly with the wind or blowing.
Someone had to blow very strong to let dandelions come to Iceland and Spain!;)

We want to share with some nice photos we took while walking outside.
These are some other red and yellow elements of nature:

Here are red items: apples, strawberries, peppers and tomatoes – so tasty Poland!

And these are yellow plants we found.
There is forsythia (its flowers are produced in the early spring before the leaves!), Marsh Marigold flowers (we found them in a lawn) and sunflowers ( found at florist`s shop, not in a garden).

That is how our spring looks like – green and yellow all around!

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Looking for colours in Innri Njarðvík!


We have been looking for colours in nature now for some time and see what we found…these look somewhat similiar. But wait…do both these items belong under the category nature? We are not sure, what do you think?


We are having the same problem with the colour red. This is what we found but….


Looking for yellow was fun. We were so pleased to find the exact same flower as you have in Poland! We encountered some issues here as well but perhaps you could advise us on the matter. For example we are wondering wether the flowers on the same picture are both dandelions at different stages? We also advise you to take a close look at the worm to see the yellow spot!




Now to the colours of Spain. Starting out with blue as the sea, ponds, the sky and some flowers as well.


We have not found much yet in this category. Is this flower purple?



Golden brown

We could not resist learning some more about bees and tasting some honey…it was sweet!


At last green as the gras and some “hundasúrur” that you can eat. They are sour.


You saw the egg of the seagull that Hulda Maria brought us. As you can see it is a little bigger than an egg of a hen. We were curious to see what would be inside but it did not look much different from the egg of a hen except for the eggyolk being more orange. The other day Ólöf Eva brought us egg  of patridges to taste. They were so tiny and somehow soft. But they were good! Exploring all these different egg made us curious to see an egg hatch. We found some trails on youtube and look at that….

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Colour findings in the Cidacos Valley!

Hello folks again! We loved how you played detectives and your pictures are so amazing, thank you so much one more time… And, of course, we also did some research on the colours you proposed us. So we went out and looked for many interesting things. We have enjoyed a lot, specially now in the Spring season!

As for Poland, we had YELLOW, BROWN and RED.

In Herce we found yellow in dandelion, roses, abrotano (a medicinal plant) and naturally, the sun:


In Préjano we found brown inb these little leaves of a bush planted in the garden we have in our school,  the branch of this tree, the soil, in these dried  rose hips and the dried flowers of the mayblosoom.

and look what we did in Arnedillo for you!


As forIceland, we had GREY, CLAY/ORANGE and WHITE.

This is what we found in Enciso when looking for grey – rocks and clouds:

And in Herce we also looked for clay/brown and we found all these things: marigold, clay, a lake full of clay and some caves

And in Arnedillo we also prepared a nice presentation for you!

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Detectives of golden, purple, green and blue

These days detectives were searching for colours given from Spanish friends.

It turned out that nature around is full of green, with some purple and golden colours and looots of blue!

Look at the results of our exploration this time:


We found: leaves on bushes and trees, pears, lettuce and cucumbers in greengrocers, buxus and pine trees in the garden.


We found: blue sky above our heads, forget-me-not flowers and blue pansy in the garden.


We found: onion, some flowers and purple lilac.


We found: flowers of lime and pine, onion and apricots.

What do you think about results of our exploration?

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Detectives of colours

Playing “detectives of nature” was so engaging!
As soon as we got your instructions for searching, we made a colour palette and went outside!
Look how we managed our exploration task:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here there are results of exploration based on Icelandic task:


We found: daisy on the lawn, pansy in the garden, flowers on a tree (what fruits will become from these, how do you think?), some white flowers on the rockery, and a cauliflower in greengrocer!


We found: seed heads of dandelions on the lawn, snail`s shell in the garden, mushrooms in the greengrocer, pigeon and dog walking the pavement.

We still search for rustred colour in here! Be patient, we will find it for sure!

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Spain is full of colours!

… and we want to share our spring happiness with you all, Poland and Iceland! Here are the four colours we chose (one from each village in our Valley) for you to complete a detective task searching for colours in your place. We decided to take pictures of a river for blue,  olive trees for green, honey for golden brown and cherries for purple.



The Cidacos is a our river.  It flows for 77 km (48 miles) until its reaches the Ebro river at Calahorra, in La Rioja, one of the biggest rivers in Spain.

The river is used for irrigation purposes and is often dried up near Calahorra.



If you ever visit Préjano, you will see that our landscape here is mainly green. That is due to the fact that we are surrounded by olive trees. It is a peculiar un unique green. Have a look. We took some pictures for you.

These are the fruits, the olives.


Honey and wax produced by bees

In Enciso, we were looking for a yellow natural element and we discover that honey, which is a typical product of Enciso and which is produced by bees, is yellow. As we couldn’t find any pot of honey around our school, we ask to our friend Ricardo, who is a famous beekeeper here, to to help us with this task and this is what he brought us.

Ricardo was telling us a lot of information about the bees, their hives, the way they produce the honey… it was a really interesting speech.

Can you find any yellow element in your countries?


Purple is in all the Valley in our cherry trees. We love cherries, they are so tasty and nice. Sometimes we put them on our ears pretending they are earings… that´s so funny!!

We coloured some pictures and of course, we ate them!

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Colourful nature – in Iceland

Dear friends in Spain in Polland. We went outside to see what colours we could find outside. Here are the three colours we choosed to present to you. Many of the colours that we found remind us actually of last month’s topic. Let us see if we can find other things as well. We are wondering where you can find these colours  in the nature of your country?

Grey as the feathers of a seagull

litir 117

White as this bone

litir 094


Well whatever colour this is?

The  orange, rustred, brownish kind of colour of this stone?

Why do think the colour of the stone is like this?


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Colourful nature – task for you!

Hi, Spain and Iceland!
Spring has finally come to Poland, so we are ready for task about nature.
To be honest, while spring, summer and autumn days nature explodes with lots of colours in Poland!
We decided to give you three colours of nature on the base of its elements:

YELLOW as dandelion
(dandelion is a flower considered as weed, especially in lawns and alond roadsides)


RED as Papaver
(Papaver is a flower belonging to poppy family, growing in colder regions of Europe, especially on meadows and fields)

mak zrodlo galaperstrongpl

BROWN as conkers and acorns
(conker is an inedible seed of the horsechestnut, the acorn is a fruit of oak)

Your task is to find elements of your nature which appear in the same colours:
yellow, red and brown!

Good luck!

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