Teachers` evaluation (part 2)

Part 2: Teachers evaluate students` benefits

This part is all about how teachers rate students` improvement, angagement and enjoyment.
Twelve teachers answered questions in this part of  survey.

How instructive did you find the topics for the children on a scale from 0 to 5?

In opinion of teachers project topics were very instructive for students. The best marks were given to “Buidings”, “Signs” and “Animals” topics.
Detailed answers are presented below:

students1 students2 students3

In your experience, how much did the children enjoy the following activities on a scale from 0 to 5?

Teachers rated project activities according to students` enjoyment they observed during “Talking pictures”.

Generally it is said that students enjoyed tasks very much. The best notes were given to “making puzzles and other online games” and “searching for items in vicinity”. Average fun was noticed while “watching results on the blog”, “colouring and drawing”, “using ICT tools and equipment”, “answering in guessing tasks”, “discovering new topics” and creating “Story of signs”.
Detailed answers are presented below:

students4 students5 students6 students7

To what extent did the children’s skills/competencies improve working in this project on a scale from 0 – 5?

According to teachers` rating there is a meaningful increasement in children competencies in: social skills, technical abilities, growth in imaginativeness, knowlegde about phenomenons of nature, ability of investigation and observation and verbal communication.  Less improvement was marked in such field as gaining basic skills in foreign languages and knowledge about historical background.
Detailed answers are presented below:

extent1 extent2 extent3

How do you find tools suitable for your students?

Teachers rated the suitability of tools which were proposed to students within the project. We entertained all answers where teachers knew the tool (there is no “I don`t know” answer).

According to teachers` answers children found Paint and Jigsaw Planet easy to use. Teachers noticed that using Interactive whiteboard was also easy for students, if only it was available in a classroom. Some difficulties were met while using Padlet, Photopeach and Voicethread. Glogster Edu was marked as more sophisticated tool . Sometimes it was also difficult for students to use WordPress blog.

suitable_tools1 suitable_tools2

How do you find tools interesting for your students?

In this question teachers rated the level of students` engagement while using project tools. Again, we took into account all answers where teachers knew the tool (there is no “I don`t know” answer).

With no doubt using Jigsaw Planet and Interactive whiteboard was engaging for students. Some “average” attitude was noticed while using Paint, Photopeach, Padlet, WordPress blog and Voicethread. Glogster Edu was boring for some students.

interesting1 interesting2


SŁUPKITeachers found beneficial effect of the project on students skills and attitude.
Teachers stated that:

1. Project topics were instructive for students.

2. There is a significant improvement in students` skills and competencies in various areas of education.

3. Tools used for the project were mostly suitable and engaging for students.

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