What about the blog?

It`s time to sum up the aspect of blogging within “Talking pictures” project.

We opened “ourtalkingpictures” page as soon as the project was registered in eTwinning.

This platform was our meeting-place where we could watch and admire our common work, tasks and individual results.

Blog was quite popular not only among our parents and friends in Iceland, Poland and Spain, but also in another countries all around the world.

We noticed around 170 visitors every month.
They viewed our blog 9 350 times till the end of June (the amont varies from 760 views in June to 2686 views in February)!

The most busy day was Friday, February 8th (we noticed 376 visits) when  chldren`s work in “Architects” activity was uploaded.statystyka_bloga

Extra facts:

Talking videos” was the most popular page in the blog.

Buildings in Iceland” was top post.

The most frequently visitors clicked on our Jigsaw puzzles.

Finally – we share with Tagxedo foot print made of our webpage tags and the most popular words:


Thank you all for watching!

See you next year! We wil share with our new eTwinning adventures!

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