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Some strange birds were discovered in Iceland!

This is how we created the new species of birds to be found in Iceland. Maybe they look somewhat similiar to the birds that was suddenly to be found in Spain and Poland?

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Vultures – find out more!

THE VULTURE is the most spectacular bird we have. Vultures formed here one of the biggest colony in Europe! Around 200 couples!

That´s why we have a gorgeous observatory as we got many touristic awards because of this fact.

According to your drawings of vultures, we have to say we loved them, you did them in a very artistic and professional way, so CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!

Click the picture below to find some information about vultures and their habits:


You can also click this link: VULTURE

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White stork – find out more!

We want to present you an exceptional bird called “white stork”.
This species is very important in Poland,
because around one-third of its population build nests here.

Learn more with our gallery and descriptions.

Listen to the clattering of a white stork here.

We want to thank Zuzia and her parents for the help in preparing this gallery.
Special thanks to Mr Jarosław Gil, who is an author of all pictures you could see in our presentation!

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Iceland – This is what we think a stork looks like!

We choosed the colours and drew and coloured the stork!

Now these were our results!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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