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10 000 clicks on Talking pictures blog

“10 000″th person has just visited our project blog!

10000_visitsThank you all for being with us while this exceptional eTwinning adventure!

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Anna talks about eTwinning

On the Icelandic eTwinning page there are some interviews to be found by teachers working with different eTwinning projects. There you can find Anna telling about “Talking Pictures” and how it has effected the work in the preschool in different ways such as offering the children and the teachers opportunities to work with computers and try different ICT tools. “Talking Pictures” also added a dimension to another project in the preschool as it involved the children into working with emergent literacy an different ways. It has been a great experience to participate in “Talking pictures”!

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Project evaluation

Our “Talking pictures” project has come to an end.
It`s high time to discover opinions of all groups of participants – students, teachers and parents!

We wanted to know what they think about project activities, its` tools and web site, benefits and difficulties they noticed.


Searching for these we organised the video interview with students in each school.
These are “must see” videos! Don`t miss them!



We planned surveys for parents to let them express an opinion about project and its` results.



Of course we couldn`t make an evaluation without teachers working in our school teams.
Teachers took part in survey where they answered questions about their role in a project, proffessional improvement, utility of tools and topics, students` benefits and their enjoyment.



We believe our evaluation shows details about project work from different point of view.
For sure it will let us be better and better with eTwinning next year!

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Evaluating our project in Spain.

This is what some of us think about our lovely project! Just take a look at the video and enjoy

as we did while we made it.

And here are some words for you to understand our feelings about ‘Talking Pictures’


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The children’s evaluation from Iceland

Hello everyone!

We did this little movie to share with you what we’ve done in this project, what we thought of it and what we enjoyed about it!

And our Tagxedo picture made from words evaluating our project!


Enjoy your summer and we are looking forward to meat you again next fall!

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