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What kind of animal is this?

We made this animal and want to know if you can guess what kind of animal it is?

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White stork experts` announcement

zwycięzca bocianówHurray! Let`s trumpet the experts of white stork look!

As you can see, white stork has a red beak and legs.
His feathers are mostly white.
Only at the backside he`s got black feathers!

Some of your drawings are a bang on!
Szymon was the sole expert of White stork in Poland.
Maite, Leire, Unax, Elisa, Ala and Maute from Spain are experts too!
Icelandic drawings were all awesome, but the closest version of a bird belongs to Rakel Viktoria!


Soon we will share with the desription of white storks!

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Let’s draw this Oystercatcher which can be found in Iceland

This bird is called an Oystercatcher. Why do you think that is the bird’s name? The name in Icelandic is Tjaldur. One of the teacher has recently seen this bird and told us about it  so we wanted to share this with you. Birgitta draw this picture  of the bird for you to colour.

IMG_1865 - Copy

Picture for you to print: Oystercatcher

And these are the colours to use:

five colors

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Let´s colour a vulture from Spain!

 Yes, in the Cidacos Valley we have lots and lots of vultures. Here you can find one of the biggest colony in Europe of this kind of animal…

And now it´s time to colour it! Using these three colours   colorines   try to imagine what it could look like!


 We are looking forward to seeing your pictures!!

Here´s the file for you to print this amazing animal. We´ll tell you more about it later.


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Colour the White Stork

It`s time for animals!

Here you can see the drawing of white stork.
It is a species of bird which finds Poland the best place for nesting.
We find them unique and try to preserve them as much as possible in Poland.

bocian stork

Before we tell you more about this bird, try to guess how it looks like!
Use white, black and red colour to paint the white stork.
bocian_stork_coloursWe cant wait to see how you imagine it to look!

File for printing: bocian stork for printing

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Buildings in Cidacos Valley, Spain

You know in Cidacos Valley we are 4 villages: Arnedillo, Enciso, Herce and Préjano.
We have selected one important building in each village for you to discover…!

preview16 piece

This place is under a mountain sorrounded by pinetrees, it is very relaxing.

What is it?

preview15 piece

This place is connected with history but  as you can see is very modern.
What you can find inside belongs to million years ago.

It is lots of fun! You´re invited to join us here!

What is this place?

preview15 piece

People visit this place on Sunday and it´s made of bricks. The inside is beautiful!

What is it and what is its name?

preview15 piece

This place is on top of a hill and there are fantastic views from here!

What is it?  and do you think it is abandoned?

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Buildings in Zabrze, Poland

There are some beautiful buildings in our city.
Some of them played different role 100 years ago then they do nowadays.
Play our puzzle game and try to guess what are those buildings for…

preview6 piece
The picture above displays a place connected with books and plays.
One hundred years ago a Casino was in this buiding.
What is it nowadays?

preview12 piece
The second place is connected with music.
One hundred years ago a great library was there.
What is it nowadays?

preview12 piece
Next place is connected with industry.
Six years ago it was changed into very special museum, unique in the world.
What could it be in the past?

preview6 piece
The next place we present is a restaurant nowadays.
But some time ago, in this beautiful buiding made of red bricks was something else.
What was it in the past?

preview12 piece
The last place is situated close to our houses.
It was build 30 years ago.
How do you think, what is it?

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Buildings in Iceland

What are these buildings for?

Building 1

preview15 piece

What is this building for?

Building 2
preview6 piece

What about these buildings, what are they for?

Building 3
preview6 piece

What about this building, what is it for?

Building 4
preview6 piece

Or this one?

Building 5
preview10 piece

What kind of a building is this?

Now do the puzzles by choosing an image and take a guess or ask for more information by clicking the question!

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What could this be?


This is not typical for Christmas but an important source of food in the history of Iceland. It is still eaten today preferably with some butter. What is it?

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What is it? Christmas is coming…

Here in Spain we´ve already sent something very special for you
and traditional food as well in our parcels.

Try to guess what this food is!



If you have any idea of what it can be, try to answer in our “Answer Garden”:


Here´s a good clue for you: our typical food is made with this…


Give it a try!

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