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Spain-learning about coal and horseshoes

We loved to play searching for coal in our own class, it´s been great fun!!  Once we found it we started drawing wagons full of coal. And of course, we also know how important horses were for mining! We learnt a lot and we also created few horseshoes with plasticine to keep that in mind…

Here are two presentations for you to see what we did. Enjoy!

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Spain-learning about Vikings

We have enjoyed a lot learning about the Icelandic culture and heritage. It was amazing for us to discover the relationship between the Vikings and the Dragons. As you can see we have drawn these scary dragons and we have tried to discover why they are so terrible…

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Maybe the fire and the teeth are the problem…

We also discovered that the Vikings came to Spain…and they were in Pamplona which is a city very close to us!


We were also reading the legend about Hrafna-Flóki and it was wonderful to discover how Iceland was discovered by this brave and adventurous Viking. After that and following your suggestions, we were investigating in the website about the other animals brought to Iceland by the Vikings so you can read our answers in the answer garden.

The next step was the working with Runes.It was very cool to translate the hidden message: Rawen Wiking…which means Viking Raven isn’ it?


And as you can see we have prepared our own message for you:


To finish this wonderful journey through the Icelandic culture we were trying to decide what the “Toe” sculpture was so you can see our answers in the answer garden, please tell us if our answers are correct!



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Iceland – making horseshoes

We were reading about the children from Spain making horseshoes and than we wondered how horseshoes are actually made. We found information on Youtube were iron was heated in a fire and than transformed into horseshoes.

Now since we had some coal which was once used to make the fire hot enough we decided to look at the coal we made. We did not enjoy the smell but nevertheless we wanted to see wether we could draw using this coal. It worked out fine!

Back to making horseshoes. All we needed now was some iron. We went to see what we could find in our ReMida but all we could find were some nails. Trying to bent them we understood why the fire was needed and the coal. But what could we use instead? Some of our homemade play-dough. Yes that worked out fine and we  used the nails to make the holes in the shoes!

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Fossils and animals` tracks

Hello, Prejano!
You showed great treasures of fossils! We would like to visit your museum of fossils one day!
Happy to say, that we have two fossils on nature display in our classroom. There is a little impression of a shell on one stone and the real fossil of a shell on the other! Look!

Your task gave us an idea to go for “Animals` tracks expedition”! We went outside with cameras to find what animals appear close to our houses. Firstly we though tthat only cars, bicycles and people walk here, but… Look what we found!

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Suprisingly, we found not only tracks, but also real animals!

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Our heritage.- Animals in Préjano: fossils

feb-MARZO 288In Préjano we are very lucky.

This  is a place where you can learn lots of things that happened many, many years ago.

Do you know why?

Because we have found here a lot of fossils.


Let us explain what  fossils are. They are the preserved remains or traces of animals, plants and other organisms from the past. Sometimes they are easy to find, others you have to look for them, usually by digging the ground.

In our village there is even a museum where lots of different fossils are kept. As we wanted to show them to you, we took our cameras and went there.

We saw lots of  fossils, but the nicest ones are the ones that were found not far from our school. The one we liked the most is this one we took pictures of. It is a conch. Although now, we are not by the sea, millions of years ago, this area was all covered by it. Can you imagine? That is why this conch, and many others, were found in our mountain.

feb-MARZO 290

Have a proper look, it is real!!!!!!!!!

And now it is time to play.- Here is a task for you:

Animal Tracks Match[1]

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Vikings – Iceland 3 – Hrafna-Flóki

This statue show us a viking holding a raven. We would like to share with you the legend of Hrafna-Flóki.

Hrafna-Flóki was a viking from Norway who decided to look for new land that he had heard of. He brought with him three ravens to show him the way to this new land. On his journey accross the sea he stopped by the Faroe Islands. Continuing his journey crossing the open sea he let the first raven fly but it headed back to the Faroe Islands. The second raven, on the other hand, flew straight up in the air and came back. But the third one flew in front of the ship and than Hrafna–Flóki knew that the land he was looking for lied ahead.

While staying there Hrafna-Flóki climbed a mountain. Looking over a bay in early spring he saw only ice and since then the land has been called Iceland.

IMG_1336 - Copy

This is Hrafna-Flóki in his boat on the sea with three ravens flying above him under the sky and the sun made by Hulda María


This is Hrafna-Flóki lying in his hot tub made by Thelma Lind


Maybe his hot tub looked something like this in reality. This is the hot tub of Snorri Sturluson who was living in Iceland 800 years ago writing some famous sagas.

Now the settlers of Iceland brought along with them other animals as well. What animals do think they brought along with them? You should be able to find some clues somewhere on our homepage OURTALKINGPICTURES!

Share your ideas with us.

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Animal in coal mine?

Imagine, that there were horses living and working in coal mines!
As miners needed help in carrying heavy stones of coal above the ground, in coal mines there were special stables for horses.
There were miners responsible for taking care of them – feeding and cleaning.

From 60 years horses don`t work in coal mines anymore. But we still remember their importance in coal mining industry.



podkowa dla konia

We believe finding a horseshoe brings luck.
It is important to provide good quality of horseshoes for not to let horces wound their hoofs.

Your task is to become blacksmiths and create horseshoes from clay or plasticine!
It can be done individually or in groups, in a way you prefer this task to be done.

You can use this scheme to make the shape of the horseshoe with little holes or mense it in a way you like.


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