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Spain-learning about coal and horseshoes

We loved to play searching for coal in our own class, it´s been great fun!!  Once we found it we started drawing wagons full of coal. And of course, we also know how important horses were for mining! We learnt a lot and we also created few horseshoes with plasticine to keep that in mind…

Here are two presentations for you to see what we did. Enjoy!

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Spain-learning about Vikings

We have enjoyed a lot learning about the Icelandic culture and heritage. It was amazing for us to discover the relationship between the Vikings and the Dragons. As you can see we have drawn these scary dragons and we have tried to discover why they are so terrible…

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Maybe the fire and the teeth are the problem…

We also discovered that the Vikings came to Spain…and they were in Pamplona which is a city very close to us!


We were also reading the legend about Hrafna-Flóki and it was wonderful to discover how Iceland was discovered by this brave and adventurous Viking. After that and following your suggestions, we were investigating in the website about the other animals brought to Iceland by the Vikings so you can read our answers in the answer garden.

The next step was the working with Runes.It was very cool to translate the hidden message: Rawen Wiking…which means Viking Raven isn’ it?


And as you can see we have prepared our own message for you:


To finish this wonderful journey through the Icelandic culture we were trying to decide what the “Toe” sculpture was so you can see our answers in the answer garden, please tell us if our answers are correct!



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Reading runes

What an exceptional task to read runes!
Despite we are quite young to read easily, some of us are able to read runes and find the meaning of letters.
This time Wiktor gave it a try. Look how nicely he managed your task:

Wiktor found two words: RAWEN and WIKING.
We got to know that we use exactly the same word for viking (we call him “wiking” as well).
For raven we use a different word. Would you like to see how we write it in Polish? If so, read your runes and find the letters!


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Our heritage.- Stones in Herce: caves

In Herce we have characteristic red clay walls where we can find artificial caves of great historical and ethnographic value which are a part of our peculiar scenery.


These caves are still being investigated and we have 3 main types: religious (i.e. monasteries), domestic (the ones to live in) and economical (where they had different animals like rabbits, hens, donkeys…)

Why are there caves in Herce?

In the Roman Era with roman settlements,  Herce was a crossing point in the Roman Way, the most important means of communication at that time.

In the Medieval Times, the first Christians appeared and they used the caves to meet and pray!

And how do we know all this information? We had an expert talk to us, a mother from our school in Arnedillo, Puy Hernáez, came to the school in Herce and gave us an awsome conference about it. Thank you so much!!

Task to develop your imagination!

Watching the following pictures, we want you to create your own cave, drawing it with the shape you want or even create a thrilling story where you are the main character… maybe from the Roman Era??

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Vikings – Iceland 2 – Runes

We wanted to know whether vikings used books or not. We went to the museum of Vikings and found a lot of signs and even some strange letters making an alphabet but we did not recognize the letters.

The vikings seemed to use these letters on stones not in books. So we went out to see whether there could be any stone with runes and we found one!

Of course we had to try to find out what it said. The writing on the stone told us the name of the elementary school here in Innri Njarðvík: Akurskóli. Now we decided to make you two other words and let us see if you can find out what they say?



Now, were there ever used another alphabet in your countries?

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Coal – the black stone

The most important treasure in Zabrze (and Silesia region we live in) was coal stone.

Coal is a kind of rock people (miners) extract from under the ground in a place called coal mine.

Coal is burned in special stove to warm up houses and in industry to get an energy and electricity.

Coal stone is black and sparkling with silver marks.
Sometimes you can find the prints of plants or wood on the coal stone.
It shows the natural material coal stone was created from around 300 million years ago!

There were many ways used to extract coal from coal mines in the past. There was a time people were caryying coal stones on their back or pushing wagons of coal on rails. In another times people used horses to carry wagons. Nowadays a special equipment does this extremely hard work.



Here we drew wagons of coal stones with a charcoal. That was a great fun. We could make ourselves dirty as much as we wanted to!

Look how nice work of art we gained:

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You are also asked to fill your own wagon with coal stones.
To do that you need a charcoal and a drawing of wagon.  Try to draw coal stones on the top of wagon.
After your wagons are ready, you can join them all and draw a wildcat
for that to get a coal mine train!

Above, there is a picture of the wagon you can use for the task.  The Word file for printing is available here: “wagon for printing

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