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Oystercatcher – find out more

The oystercatcher is called Tjaldur in Icelandic. The bird dwells in Iceland in summertime but also  the whole year around in some places. If the oystercatcher does not dwell here in the winter it flies to warmer countries. Maybe to Spain or Poland, do you know? The green colour indicates that the Ostercatcher stays there the whole year. The yellow colour indicates that it is staying there only during summer and the blue colour only during wintertime.


The oystercatcher eat worms, buggs and of course oysters which look like this.

We tried to find out how big the bird would be comparing to us. It would be this big about 40-45 cm.


The distance between the two wings spread out would be a little less than between the fingertips of Katrin Alda or 80 to 85 cm.


The egg is almost the same size as the egg of a hen or 5.5 cm. They usually hatch 3 or 4 egg.

This is what the birds looks like.

imagesCA7TX408We think these are some funny pictures of the Oystercatcher:

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Oystercatcher experts’ announcement

There were five colours to choose from and we enjoyed seeing how you used the colours. Noone managed to colour the Oystercatcher completely right but some were close as Rebeca in Spain for example.Here are some drawings that we made of the Oystercatcher.

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