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The answer about the statue and the animals that the vikings brought to Iceland.

We enjoyed reading your ideas about the statue and also about what animals you thought the vikings brought to Iceland. You had some varied ideas about the statue like us, though most of you thought it to be a sword. You thought that the vikings brought  ducks, sheeps, goats, hens, cows, dogs and ravens with them.

We were not sure about the right answers so we decided to visit our museum of the vikings once more and ask for the right answers. Firstly we learned that the statue is a replica of a tenth century viking sword that was found in Iceland. Here we are reading about it in the museum were they have smaller replica of the sword.


Now these two pictures gave you a hint of what animals the vikings brought with them.

We also found this picture in the museum.

To be sure we also asked and you were right about all the animals but the ducks. They did not brin duck with them. But the vikings also brought cats, horses and pigs.

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