Parents` evaluation

At the end of the project we asked students` parents to take part in a survey about “Talking pictures”.
Parents from each school answered several questions about their opinion and involvement in project run.

Today we present the summary of the survey among parents.


There were 45 parents who answered the questions (10 parents from Iceland, 18 from Poland and 17 from Spain).

parents1QUESTION 1.

parents2Parents were informed about project mostly by teacher (51%), then through school web site (19%), project blog (14%) or through information board or displays in kindergarten (12%). Three respondents said that they weren`t informed about the project and its` aims (4%).


parents3Parents quantified the frequency of visiting the project blog. Most of them stated that they visited blog few times a school year (31%). Quite a lot of parents were visiting blog few times a month (24%) or few times a week (20%). Only two parents were visiting blog every day. Surprisingly, a significant amount of parents had never visited our web site (18%).


Parents were asked about the reason they weren`t visiting “Talking pictures” blog. Six parents answered this question and noticed that they didn`t know its` web address (4 answers), don`t have internet connection (1 person) or suffered the lack of time (1 person).

parents4QUESTION 4.

parents5aparents5bMost of parents noticed their participation in a project through visiting the project blog for that to admire its` results (36%) or for that to be up to date with its` run (22%). Significant amount of parents were asking child for his/her work within the project (28%). Nine parents said that they helped in tasks when being asked for it (13% of respondents).


Parents were asked about the level of agreement towards statements about project influence.
Several issues were considered in this question.

parents6Most of parents strongly agree or agree with this statement (36% and 34%). 18% of respondents barely agree with project influence on foreign language skills. 11% quite agree with project impact on language competencies.

parents7Almost half of parents strongly agreed that through eTwinning children learn about other countries and cultures (48%). Other 41% respondents agree on that. Only 9% of parents noticed that they quite agree on this statement. One person barely agrees on project impact on cultural increasement of child.

parents8Most of parents concur that projects task are the way of achieving curriculum goals (44%). Other 33% respondents strongly agree on this opinion.
Seven parents marked “quite agree” choice, two parents – “barely agree” option. One person (which takes 2% of respondents) disagree with statement about eTwinning influence on curriculum aims.

parents9More then half of parents (51%) strongly agree with the approach of ICT skills increasement through eTwinning. Other 28% are of like opinion above. Seven parents marked “quite agree” choice. “I barely agree” was chosen by two parents (5%).

parents10Almost half of parents strongly agree that project can help to gain wider knowledge (48%). Other 43% of respondents agree on this statement. Four parents said that the “quite agree ” or “barely agree” on potential meaning of eTwinning towards students` knowledge.

parents1145% of parents agree on the possibility of extending creativity through project work. Another 43% strongly agree on this statement. Four parents marked the “I quite agree” option, one parent noticed his approach as ” I barely agree”.

parents12According to question about projects` impact on educational offer parents shared the opinion that eTwinning makes school more novel. 67% “strongly agree” on this statement, other 26% ”agree” on it. Two parents quite agree on this opinion, one person barely agrees.


Parents gave us additional comments to project work.

“A good initiative”; “Very good idea. Great involvement of project coordinators. Very frequent actualisation of project blog and interesting ideas for the tasks.”; “Dandy idea! My son repeats the project content thanks to blog – movies and guessing games. I recommend this blog to all family and friends to admire your work.”; “Bravo, Ladies!!! ;)”; “I was not aware of the project or the participation of my child.”; “A really nice and amusing project!”; “Thank you for interesting lessons for my child.”.



1. It can be said that parents noticed possitive impact of eTwinning on several areas of educational process.

Parents agreed that project work lets children gain foreign languages skills and gives an opportunity to learn new technologies. For our respondents, eTwinning project can be the way of achieving curriculum goals and gaining wider knowledge, including the view on new cultures and countries. What is more – in opinion of parents children have a chance to use and extend their imagination and creativity within the project work. With no doubt parents appraise school offer as more novel when including eTwinning collaboration.

2. Parents present diversified interest in project blog.

We noticed a significant popularity of “Talking pictures” blog (there were 9 280 visits on the platform till this day). Blog was opened to visitors to let them be up to date with project tasks and students achievements. Despite this opportunity parents seem to present four groups of interest in the platform. One quarter of respondents indicates real interest in project blog and visit the platform few times a week (rarely every day). Other quarter displays the willingness to visit blog few times a month. Next group (31% of parents) examined project blog just few times a school year,and – what is quite surprising – there are parents who have never been there (18%)! According to parents` explanations – lack of information about the project and its` web address is the main reason.

3. Parents`participation is mainly restricted to visiting the blog or asking children about his/her work within a project.

Project tasks weren`t planned in a way to involve parents into the collaboration. Despite that, there were parents who presented the willingness to give help in organising chosen activities. 60% of parents indicate their interest in visiting project blog, and other 28% in questioning child about the project.

Link for teachers: How to improve it?

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