Story of signs

Once upon a time a boy got on a train  when suddenly it started to snow_slippy_road. At that time the train couldn’t start because a lot ofsnow_slippy_roadfell and the boy was trapped . Then the boy saw a junkyard where there was aroad_for_bikes that was nearly new and bought it to go back home. When he arrived home, he told his  no_people_crossing what had happened to him and then  his no_people_crossingcalled the firemen asking for help to take the train out of the snow_slippy_road. The no_people_crossing went on the road_for_bikes to the train waiting for the firemen to come. The boy went out to play with the  snow_slippy_road , and he didn´t realise there was a cows running towards him. The no_people_crossing called the hospital_. road_for_pedestrianswent to the hospital. At the entrance there was a sign to be quiet, no car horns, so patients would not be bothered. Suddenly no_people_crossing´s mobile rang and  they were thrown out because they were noisy.When they were leaving the hospital they had to run because they saw the cows. The cows got stuck in the snow_slippy_road. road_for_pedestrians laughed a lot. They went to look for the road_for_bikeswhich was next to the train and they went home.

But then…

But then when they came back home a  ciervoscame by the house. The  no_people_crossingcalled the hospital_ but since  no car hornswas not allowed the doctor did not answer imagesCABAVKNT, since they could awaken the sick people. Theciervos went into the house but a dinosaurio came trying to catch the ciervos . This was a kind dinosaurio so  road_for_pedestrianstook it to the zoo. There it started imagescaoj3288 and everyone got wet so  road_for_pedestrianswent back to their house. The  dinosaurioon the other hand tried to bite a dog named Lobba (Dagny´s dog). While trying to do so the  dinosauriobroke a sign saying  imagescacdrvzcwhich was surrounding the dinosaurio´s house and the dinosaurio was out on the street again. Meanwhile the  no_people_crossingwas  p1020015the boy some milk which the no_people_crossing had gotten from a vacas . When the boy was done drinking the milk he put the glas in the imagescawfbtll .


Then, the boy felt very strong and he asked his no_people_crossingto fly to the img_1088 together by img_1094 . road_for_pedestrianswent to the airport by car and left their car in the img_1082, and the rest of the way they went on img_1083. img_1094 got off the ground. In the img_1094 no_people_crossingfelt hungry, so he asked a stewardess to bring him imgp6575. When road_for_pedestriansate their food, the outage of img_1099 came up in img_1094 , because they bumped into the snow_slippy_road-storm. The boy was afraid so much, but no_people_crossinggave him a hug. There was a dreadful wind, which caused img_1092. img_1094 turned upside down and almost crushed into the img_1088. To be saved from img_1094 crash, all passengers jumped out on parachutes. They landed on the grazing which was full of cowscowscows! Among them there was a huge vacas, the stock leader, which wanted to protect his cowscows. vacas started to chase passengers, so they broke out very fast and they nestled in img_1085. It turned out that under the img_1085 there was an underground labyrinth, which lead them up to the treasure! Underground chamber was chock full gold coins, and in the centre of it there was a golden statue of dinosauriowith diamond eyes. Suddenly, when road_for_pedestrianswanted to take the statue of dinosaurio a terrible earthquake started, so they escaped only with gold coins.
They all went back homes on img_1083 and everyone bought a set of vehicles: img_1094, train and road_for_bikes, for that to travel a world safely.


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