We are so HAPPY!

As eTwinning Prize Ceremony is coming soon, we are asked to record a short “Happy” video across our cities.
You have probably seen one of videoclips with people dancing to Pharrell Williams “Happy” song.
Yes, we all do the same!

We are happy to be among winners!
As some of teachers – we are happy to see each other in less then 6 days!

See you soon then!

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We did it! Talking pictures takes the Prize!

Talking pictures project is a runner up in 4-11 age category
in European Prizes 2014!

All of you – kindergarteners, their schools, teachers and parents are the heroes of the day!
Not a day! A Year! Hurrrayyy!


Is that so? Discover the list of winners in eTwinning Prize 2014! We are really there!!!! 😉

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Talking pictures is on shortlist for European eTwinning Prize 2014


eTwinning is as much fantastic as surprising…

That day in Wroclaw (Poland), when we set up our project, we didn`t think  about Quality Labels, not even dreamed about National Prize for our work.

After a year of exeptional and enjoyable collaboration we received the collection of National Awards (in Poland, Iceland and finally in Spain), which is fabulous!

Today Talking pictures is on a shortlist for European Prizes. It is said that our project is among “the most valuable projects that made it to the final evaluation round of European competition” (www.etwinning.net).

Aren`t you all kidding?
You don`t?
Where will it take us? Keep your fingers crossed!

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Premios Nacionales eTwinning 2014

What a great news!
“Talking pictures” is awarded in Spanish National competition 2014!

Talking pictures is a winner in Category 1-11!
Hurray! Juppi! Congratulations!

Read more in Spanish on etwinning.es.

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From picture to adventure

For those who wonder what happened with our Team and project we`ve got a great news!
Talking picture has its continuation this school year.
Expanded on new Spanish school and Polish group the new project brings new topics to our students…


With a pleasure we introduce “From picture to adventure” to our friends.

Visit us there!

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Talking Pictures received an award in Iceland!

We are happy to share some great news with you since Talking pictures received the National award in Iceland! Here are some pictures from the event.

Read about the event on Icelandic eTwinning web page (available in Icelandic language only).

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10 000 clicks on Talking pictures blog

“10 000″th person has just visited our project blog!

10000_visitsThank you all for being with us while this exceptional eTwinning adventure!

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European quality labels

So exceptional to share with such a news..

“Talking pictures” project was highly rated by experts in eTwinning. Our National Agencies has just awarded project teachers with European Quality Labels!

Here they are:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Congratulations to all!

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Anna talks about eTwinning

On the Icelandic eTwinning page there are some interviews to be found by teachers working with different eTwinning projects. There you can find Anna telling about “Talking Pictures” and how it has effected the work in the preschool in different ways such as offering the children and the teachers opportunities to work with computers and try different ICT tools. “Talking Pictures” also added a dimension to another project in the preschool as it involved the children into working with emergent literacy an different ways. It has been a great experience to participate in “Talking pictures”!

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Talking pictures in publication

Dear colleagues!

Description of our “Talking pictures” project is already published in Polish eTwinning book!
The publication is titled as “Winning projects in eTwinning competitions 2013”.

When you open it on pages 12 to 15 you can read some details about our work! So far it is available in Polish only.
Look how nicely it looks like:

tp1 tp2tp3tp4Hurray!

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