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We found Spanish signs as well!

After long searching, with a help of parents we found also signs given by Spanish friends.

First of all – we found your sign saying “animals crossing the road” similar to ours.
These are signs found by Szymon and Szymon;)

We found a collection of signs about regional monuments or heritage.
As our city is known as a place of industrial tourism, most of them are connected with coal mines, coal mining museum or coal mine`s well. Here you can see the gallery of those finded by Maksymilian, Szymon and teacher Anna:

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Icelandic signs – found out


We already found all signs given by Icelandic friends!

Pictures were taken by Madzia, Szymon M. and Szymon W. with a help of their parents.

Look how your signs look like in Poland:

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Spanish versions of Polish and Icelandics signs!

Here are the signs we found in Spain for the signs you proposed to us, each village in the Cidacos Valley searched for one of those:

A few days ago the pupils from Enciso went out to find one of the signals proposed:

No, no… these are not the signals we are looking for…


As we couldn’t find the singal we changed our strategy and we started to look for the bins!


And finally we found a bin, but… what’s that!? The coat of arms of the village is in the bin!

As we can see this is not the best way to indicate a place to put the rubbish, but the sentence we read there could be as good as the signal:

“A clean village and environment brings life quality”

What is your opinion?

In Arnedillo we also went looking for our sign…. we walked and walked and walked and finally found it in a bar!! yes! Hurrey for us!!


In Préjano the sign we were looking for was really very close to our school, so we didn´t have to walk for a long time, but we were very quick in seeing it…


In Herce just happened the same, we didn´t have to walk that much and then we found our objective really very soon, just outside the school, and so we were awsome detectives as well!!

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Two signs for you to look for from Iceland!

This sign says that dogs are not allowed!


This one on the other hand show you where you should throw away your litter.


Do you have any similar signs in your countries?

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Spanish signs!

Yes! We can´t wait to start the International SuperStory including signs, but before that here are our two signs for you to discover similar ones in your country.

The first one is about our valley. It is considered to be a biosphere reserve, and to be true, we are very proud because of that 🙂
reserva biosfera

And here is the second one.- Be careful with animals when you are driving cause they can cross the road anytime… Deer, cows, boars,… They are gorgeous but they can sometimes be dangerous.


So these ones are the two we have selected among all the signs we have (lots of them!)

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Sign tasks

We invite you to find two road signs with the same meaning as those presented below.


sign task1

Every time the driver comes closer to zebra crossing he sees this sign.
It says: “Be careful. People can cross the street here”.


sign task 2

You can see this sign close to school areas.
It says: “Be careful. This pedestrian crossing is frequently used by children”.
It doesn`t mean that children cant cross typical zebras.
These are just made especially to make drivers more careful.

Could you find similar signs in your area?

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We have also been looking for signs

We have also been taking pictures of different kind of signs nearby our preschool in Innri Njarðvík.

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Road signs experts

Today we went outside to play on “Traffic city” which is situated nearby the Primary school and kindergarten.
We were pretending cars on roads, trying to understand the meaning of signs.
That was a great fun to run about traffic circle and taking pictures for our project.
Look how we played today…

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Welcome to our cities!

One day, while travelling across Europe, you can stumble on one of these road signs.
If so, it means you are in a place we live in!


Welcome to Zabrze, Enciso, Prejano, Herce, Arnedillo and Innri Njarðvík!

Want to play a quiz about our coat of arms?


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