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Iceland-learning more about coal!

After learning about the coal mine in Zabrze we decided to learn more about coal and it’s role in Iceland.

Coal can be found under the earth in the mines but we are sure that there were no coalmines in Iceland. But still coal was needed here in Iceland to be able to make tools of iron in the old days. We know that coal can be used to colour but also to light a fire and keeping it burning, in a hole or by our summercottages to cook for example. So where did we get our coal? Did we import it from Brittain? Actually coal was made!!! But how? We googled to get some answere an decided to try if we can make som coal as well. Gathering information of how make coal we noticed that wood is needed. We also decided to call the firebrigade letting them know and getting permission. Working this project we also collaborated with the children on Lundur in our pre-school.

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After finnishing all preparation finally the time had come to make the coal.

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The book about the horse Rauður (Red),

The book about the horse Rauður (Red),

We were also thinking about the horses working in the mine. We use horses on Iceland to go riding. We did not think Icelandic horses worked in coal mines since mines are not to be found here in Iceland. But than we read a book about a horse “Rauður” and he was captured and sold to the coalmines in Brittain, since it was so difficult to manage him there, his eyes were burnt so he couldn’t see anymore. A lot of the horses died in the mines.

We enjoyed using coal colouring wagons!

but would also like to ask you some questions?

Can you push the wagons?

How do you use coal?

Is the coal transported by ships?

Here are some pictures that we made of the coal in the wagons:

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