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Spain-learning about Vikings

We have enjoyed a lot learning about the Icelandic culture and heritage. It was amazing for us to discover the relationship between the Vikings and the Dragons. As you can see we have drawn these scary dragons and we have tried to discover why they are so terrible…

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Maybe the fire and the teeth are the problem…

We also discovered that the Vikings came to Spain…and they were in Pamplona which is a city very close to us!


We were also reading the legend about Hrafna-Flóki and it was wonderful to discover how Iceland was discovered by this brave and adventurous Viking. After that and following your suggestions, we were investigating in the website about the other animals brought to Iceland by the Vikings so you can read our answers in the answer garden.

The next step was the working with Runes.It was very cool to translate the hidden message: Rawen Wiking…which means Viking Raven isn’ it?


And as you can see we have prepared our own message for you:


To finish this wonderful journey through the Icelandic culture we were trying to decide what the “Toe” sculpture was so you can see our answers in the answer garden, please tell us if our answers are correct!



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Iceland – working with the smoke procession

After making coal the group headed back to Holt and learned more about the smoke procession in Spain. We now had some experience and felt confident to try the task.

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Poland – discovering dinosaurs` world

Enciso, we had a great fun with your dinosaurs task!
We played your games with a gust. What is more, some of us didn`t want to do anything else for few hours!
Through those games we learnt how to differ “plant eaters” from “meat eaters” and we could discover dinosaurs` frameworks.

Then, we tried different activities to practice our knowledge about dinosaurs: distinguishing “plant eaters” from “meat eaters” and playing with their figures, putting skeletons together, making experiment with artificial dinosaur`s egg and even more…

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Later on we decided to make dinosaurs eggs.
Firstly, we made a shape of egg from salt dough and when it was dried, we painted them all!

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It has to be said that we discovered one species of dinosaur which was found in our Silesia region.
This dinosaur is called “Silesaurus”. These are pictures of it, found in Wikipedia:

It means they were different all around Europe!

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Our heritage.- Sculptures in Enciso: Dinosaurs


Click on the picture, download the panoramic view and enjoy it! 

Hi dear friends! Here in the village of Enciso we were working on dinosaurs!

The main reason is that dinosaurs are very close to us, we can see lots of footprints, so we wanted to know more about them.

What we mainly wanted to know is the difference between the carnivores and the herbivores so we started looking on the internet for the differences:


Once we discovered the differences through very funny games, we tried to discover what the dinosaurs which lived in and around Enciso ate.

Dinosaurio dinosaurios_2

Leaves!                                                 Look a carnivore is trying to hunt a herbivore!

And we could see that we had both! Carnivores and Herbivores!

Another activity that we did was the dinosaur identification which consists on building the skeleton of a dinosaur and decided if it was a carnivore or herbivore. Connected with this activity the youngest pupils were digging out bones with Caillou!

Finally we decided to send you an activity to help you discover the different types of dinosaurs and their diet. So enjoy it.

Links: Jclic Activity

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Vikings – Iceland 1- The “toe sculpture”

This sculpture is a tricky one. We can not agree upon what it might be but we do think it has something to do with vikings.

Is it a house? Maybe not because you can not lie down!

Is it a sculpture of toes?

Is it a sculpture of fingers?

Is it a sculpture of a sword?

Is it a broom?

What do you think it is and why?

Please help us find out what it might be by telling us your ideas!

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Hard work of miners

Working in coal mine is both exhausting and dangerous!
Many people lost their lifes in accidents in coal mines in the past.
What is more, miners still take this risk everyday, even despite new technology being used in mining industry nowadays.

In front of Coal Mining Museum in Zabrze there is a statue of Wincenty Pstrowski. This miner, who died 60 years ago,  used to work ultra vires, more then it was expected. People found his monument to highlight miners` efforts for industry and population well-being. Sometimes people put bunch of flowers under the monument to give a respect to miners` work.


We want to make a tribute to all miners working in coal mines around the world.
Let`s draw a bunch of flowers for miners! How about using Paint again?

If you don`t mind – use the bunch available above.

Please, upload your flowers here:

bunch from Herce (Spain)1 bunch from Herce (Spain)2 bunch from Herce (Spain)3

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