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Project evaluation

Our “Talking pictures” project has come to an end.
It`s high time to discover opinions of all groups of participants – students, teachers and parents!

We wanted to know what they think about project activities, its` tools and web site, benefits and difficulties they noticed.


Searching for these we organised the video interview with students in each school.
These are “must see” videos! Don`t miss them!



We planned surveys for parents to let them express an opinion about project and its` results.



Of course we couldn`t make an evaluation without teachers working in our school teams.
Teachers took part in survey where they answered questions about their role in a project, proffessional improvement, utility of tools and topics, students` benefits and their enjoyment.



We believe our evaluation shows details about project work from different point of view.
For sure it will let us be better and better with eTwinning next year!

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Kids` evaluation (Poland)

What have we learned from the project?
What do we remember the most?
Why do we want to visit Spain and Iceland?

Watch the video to get to  know our kids` point of view!

As our project comes to an end we organised a celebration with our parents.
That was a great opportunity to watch the video above and presentation about “Talking pictures”.
Some surprises were organised for children like project quiz with eTwinning goodies and official certificates (Pupils Quality Labels).
Look how we spent that day:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And the Pupils` Quality Labels go to:

PQL_dziewczynki PQL_chłopcy


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Some red and yellow again

Hi, Spain and Iceland!

So great to hear you found dandelions and papavers in your area!
For dandelions it is surely because their seeds can fly with the wind or blowing.
Someone had to blow very strong to let dandelions come to Iceland and Spain!;)

We want to share with some nice photos we took while walking outside.
These are some other red and yellow elements of nature:

Here are red items: apples, strawberries, peppers and tomatoes – so tasty Poland!

And these are yellow plants we found.
There is forsythia (its flowers are produced in the early spring before the leaves!), Marsh Marigold flowers (we found them in a lawn) and sunflowers ( found at florist`s shop, not in a garden).

That is how our spring looks like – green and yellow all around!

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“Talking pictures” among the best eTwinning projects in Poland!

puchar  We are proud to announce that
“Talking pictures” project is a finalist of Polish eTwinning Awards 2013!

Our common work is going to be awarded in kindergarten category.
List of projects awarded in this national competition 2013 was published today on Polish etwinning portal.
Keep your fingers crossed for final results,
but whatever happens – we can all be proud of this achievement!

Thank you Spain and Iceland for this exceptional experience!

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Detectives of golden, purple, green and blue

These days detectives were searching for colours given from Spanish friends.

It turned out that nature around is full of green, with some purple and golden colours and looots of blue!

Look at the results of our exploration this time:


We found: leaves on bushes and trees, pears, lettuce and cucumbers in greengrocers, buxus and pine trees in the garden.


We found: blue sky above our heads, forget-me-not flowers and blue pansy in the garden.


We found: onion, some flowers and purple lilac.


We found: flowers of lime and pine, onion and apricots.

What do you think about results of our exploration?

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Detectives of colours

Playing “detectives of nature” was so engaging!
As soon as we got your instructions for searching, we made a colour palette and went outside!
Look how we managed our exploration task:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here there are results of exploration based on Icelandic task:


We found: daisy on the lawn, pansy in the garden, flowers on a tree (what fruits will become from these, how do you think?), some white flowers on the rockery, and a cauliflower in greengrocer!


We found: seed heads of dandelions on the lawn, snail`s shell in the garden, mushrooms in the greengrocer, pigeon and dog walking the pavement.

We still search for rustred colour in here! Be patient, we will find it for sure!

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Colourful nature – task for you!

Hi, Spain and Iceland!
Spring has finally come to Poland, so we are ready for task about nature.
To be honest, while spring, summer and autumn days nature explodes with lots of colours in Poland!
We decided to give you three colours of nature on the base of its elements:

YELLOW as dandelion
(dandelion is a flower considered as weed, especially in lawns and alond roadsides)


RED as Papaver
(Papaver is a flower belonging to poppy family, growing in colder regions of Europe, especially on meadows and fields)

mak zrodlo galaperstrongpl

BROWN as conkers and acorns
(conker is an inedible seed of the horsechestnut, the acorn is a fruit of oak)

Your task is to find elements of your nature which appear in the same colours:
yellow, red and brown!

Good luck!

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Map of the ZOO

Welcome to our international ZOO
where we present the most precious animals in Spain, Poland and Iceland!

(click the picture to enter)


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Animal representatives from Poland

Here we want to present you first four animals we chose for our national representatives: grey seal, squirrel, lynx and beaver.

Soon we will share with other four species we found exceptional in here.

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Sępocianojad – our international species

Sensation! New discovery!

Here in Poland we discovered new species of a bird, which has common features of vulture, white stork and oystercatcher! “SĘPOCIANOJAD” is a name of this bird in Polish, as it has a part of each birds above (sęp, bocian, ostrygojad) . To make a profile of this exceptional bird we cut pictures, spliced them in various options and coloured!

Here you can see four profiles of “sępocianojad”:




We hope you like them as much as we do!

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